On Memory and remembering

Lately, I have been reconsidering the use of a reflective diary. Up to now, for me, it has been hand scribbled notes in a book made in binding class, or a little black moleskine, or sometimes typed into project notes or generally left to sent email archive. These remain unfiltered and unaccessible, and frankly, very old-school ineffective. I then stumbled on rememble.com which is a lovely MA project by Gavin O'Connell and developed to a web 2.0 site last year. Its fun to play with. Alan Sekers wrote in a blog there: "A memory is not the same as what is being remembered." This spun me into the whole area of blogging which hasn't been on my personal radar up to now, but which would be an ideal way to set up a relevent diary: searchable, digital, organised, outward facing and spacious.

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