Drink and Draw – Cork

Had a lovely evening at The Franciscan Well this Tuesday. 'Rebel Red' is one of their home brews and I'll warn you, a little strong, but tasty. Next time I'll try the stout. The event runs twice a month and seems to be going strong. Conversations and drawings ranged from how to cook and egg from a solar contraption, robots, herbal medicine, retinal examinations... I was more prosaic as a newbie and drew what I saw.
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Eva Widermann said...

oh, now blogger seems to work again! Again, I'm happy you had a good "first" time at our Drink & Draw. Would you mind if I borrow your drawing for showing it at our next blog update?


petra said...

Hey Orlagh, love the drawings, the colours are great as they give it an extra dimension, a nice warm glow. Also like the mono pint and it's psychedelic highlights and shadows :). It's really nice to see images from the evening on the web too as usually we only see them briefly on the evening, it would be fabulous to have an online archive of drink and draw sketches to look back at, I can volunteer my services if there is any need for help with coding it up. Keep up the henid :)

Orlagh O'Brien said...

thanks guys! I found loads of really great snaps on the facebook group page which is great. who knows though: maybe a separate presence would be something to consider? Eva, borrow away!

Eva Widermann said...

I am always trying to get some scans and photos of the sketches people do at the Drink & Draws, just have a look at http://drinkdrawcork.blogspot.com - there's a pretty big collection already throughout the months. I'm always encouraging people to send me their sketches but just a few do so =P

So thanks, Orlagh, will upload them soon!