Offset 2012 - Interview with Stefan Sagmeister – and whether or not he is design's Oprah Winfrey

I'm just back from an inspiring weekend at design conference Offset, which was held at Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre. The talks are still percolating in the subconscious. Themes that were interesting for me personally seemed to be summed up in this interview. The ever-learning Stefan Sagmeister meets my first creative director Ciarán O'Gaora (zero-g). It touched on the pursuit of happiness, being a graphic designer, maintaining creative longevity, productivity and making time for personal work. Yes, thats all in there somehow. So below is what he looked like just *before* speaking to "that girl" mentioned, and just to prove that yes, I was there, you can see a terribly boring shot of everyone waiting for the interview to start... his head is behind the guy with the glasses, bun and beard, who is Ciarán.

Offset weblink

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