On Raisins and Chocolate

Yesterday evening I tried an experiment whilst sitting in front of the fire. If you didn't know what I was doing, you would be excused in thinking there was a complete basket case in front of you. A raisin sat on the palm of the hand, each crease and line and wrinkle studied carefully. It was then placed between thumb and index finger and squashed and rolled a little. It was then smelled very carefully and was surprisingly similar to fresh tobacco. Finally, after rolling it around inside the mouth, it was tasted and eventually swallowed. This was 'mindfulness eating', and is a kind of meditation of sorts. I can tell you that raisins are much tastier than I previously thought. The process is time consuming, but revealing. I'd like to call this diet the 'M-Diet', you can eat anything at all, as long as you go through the whole procedure of each sense, tasting each bite as if it were the last. It's a tough one. This is a lovely little booklet showing a willy-wonka-esque chocolate bar being eaten.

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