New Year Retreat

All is now revealed: it is I! The girl by the cliff in her woolie-wacky hat. Breaking with the conventions of this humble blog, I introduce an element of biography. New Year's Eve 09/10 was spent in West Cork with my two sisters, on a buddhist retreat in Dzogchen Beara. This is built in a truly spectacular location. The days running up to the turn of the calendar were windy, rainy and muddy... the one hundred or so participants gathered into a room with an unobscured sea view to the south east. Reflecting on the year past and to come, we stayed in the shrine room for a movie and banquet till midnight. A blue moon eclipse marked the night. A blazing and clear sunrise was waiting for us the next morning, to the collective delight of all.

So here are my wishes to all of you for a very peaceful, joyous, present and abundant 2010. I have changed my circumstances lately, and am looking forward to new ideas, new experiences and new appreciations for all the gifts of life already given. May your today be bright, and the next and the next.

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