A train journey from then and now.

I came across this sketch of mine the other day, from when I existed in the nineties. I had recently discovered this thing called "Photoshop Layers' and was still enthusiastic about my new scanner. Alas, since it didn't have a USB port, it has been consigned a death.
So anyway, loving trains and all as I do, when I came back to Ireland recently, I was amused at the new reservation system on Irish Rail. They put your name about the seat, just so that stalker can get a head start. Or, more realistically, if feeling an existential malaise and ask "who am I?", the answer is a foot above your skull.


Mairead said...

I love your blog, Orls!

Orlagh O'Brien said...

Cheers Mairead! Great to know you like it. There's lots more to come. I've just being thinking of some new stuff so stay tuned.