Goodbye "Hardback Henid" – Hello "Life's a Journey"

What the hell did it mean anyway? A Henid is "an unclarified, sub-conscious "feeling". A vague, unformed, foggy or confused idea. A disorganized, undifferentiated thought. A proto-thought". It was coined by Otto Weininger. More here. . For me, it's like the tip-of-the-tongue syndrome, or the way we all have lots of ideas but they are unformed. This was the perfect approach to begin a blog, like a kind of sketchbook of unformed ideas and links. "Hardback" was the organised covering.

Over time, this blog has grown to be more of a definite idea, not too tight or defined, but nevertheless, it does have a theme that I'm interested in, and which I'd like to explore more. "Life's a Journey" is a simple name. This blog is now a mix of links I find and personal stuff around the topic of literal and personal journeys. I'm mainly interested in the representation of places, travel, memories and change. We can move through time and life in so many different ways. The idea is still very sketchy, but I hope to use this space to keep up the sketchbook on that topic, so to speak.

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