Discovery Science Festival 2010, Cork

It was a pleasure to help out with the Discovery 2010 Science Exhibition at City Hall, Cork for a few days. (2008 Video) The energy and enthusiasm was amazing. I met serial volunteers, community wardens for the council, pharmachemical researchers, sciences educators, software and mechanical engineers and researchers around Cork and Ireland, et al. I also met bundles of children who were trying out all the gadgets, devices, slime-making schemes, liquid nitrogen ice-cream, molecule-building, force-field twiddling, sound-wave crashing, sensor-music-playing, energy-bulb-generating, robot toy and circuit-board constructing... The future's bright I'm sure, despite this week's economic calamities. Up in Dublin, The Global Forum is wrapping up. - Twitter @CorkDiscovery

Volunteer Dáithí stands in front of BuckministerFullerene Molecule

Irish Army's Impact Protection suit for bomb disposal

Techniquest's interactive demo of energy consumption differences

'Relax'... Let your Alpha and Theta waves moves the ball!

Sound wave Canon

'Make It Molecular' provided many large sculptural pieces

'How will you change the world?'

Make your own circuit, no soldering hassles.

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