Getting with the Web Type

Researching pleasing and beautiful web design with a fingertip close to the technical necessities leads one nto the classic alice-in-wonderland spiral of muchness. Without details, I'd like to share with you some rather jolly lovely places. Those of you out there versed in web-stuff will be rolling your eyes: "DUH! We KNOW all of these!" *I shrug*

First is the personal hub of Mr. Simon Collison, A.K.A 'Colly' who is undoubtedly a web-celebrity. He showcases Times New Roman lovingly.

Which brings us to 'The Elements of Typographic Style applied to the Web' a fabulous learning resource of detail for text styling in CSS2 and CSS3, by Richard Rutter elaborating the book by Bringhurst.

The Ministry of Type from Aegir Hallmundur which shows a broad but geekishly gorgeous set of porn-spirations. Old school but within a perfectly measured template.

Lastly, I bow to the HTML5 splendour of Magazin5 on Design Made in Germany. You can smoothly scroll the transparencies on your fancy-pants iPad but then be surprised at the quality content, such as an interview with Antonio Carusone, maker of the really very helpful champion of harmony The Grid System.

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