I Lego NY

Christoph Niemann's "Abstract City' is a series of illustrations that appear in the NY Times. They're very witty and you can just feel his joy creating variations using materials like coffee stains on napkins and mosaic tiles in his bathroom.


Ghosts of the faithful departed - David Creedon

These are so beautiful and haunting. Check out the book
Between 2005 and 2007 David Creedon photographed many of the abandoned, derelict houses to be found throughout Ireland, whose owners had fled, mainly due to dire poverty during the 1950s, leaving an unmarried family member behind to maintain the property’s upkeep or run the farm. When in turn they passed away, ownership was usually passed to far-flung relatives. Now, in a new millennium, these houses lie deserted, awaiting the return of owners whose dreams of coming home may never be realised.

Your own social network

Ning seems to have a lot going for it: a merge of facebook, flickr, blogspot, online chat and events calendar ... As a private version of facebook, this is clearly the future for social networks: we are many people and many worlds at once.

What is Information?

Maya Design are interesting in that they use a large variety of design research methods for many commercial applications. www.maya.com "A fundamental understanding of the user in context is key to good design. It is dangerous to assume that you know what users want. The argument, “I’m an expert user, so if the system is designed for me it will work for everyone” is a telltale sign that you have introduced unnecessary risk into your design process. Design research is a way of understanding the users’ behaviors, goals, and expectations beyond simple demographics or statistics. Studying your users closely helps you identify customer needs and expectations in order to satisfy them in your design and translate them into competitive advantage."


Beautiful Hannah

It's tricky to find handwritten style typefaces that don't seem twee. Hannah is available in three different width proportions from youworkforthem