Jan Chipchase

Researching for Nokia, Jan Chipchase has the enviable job of travelling the world to discover how people live, and how technology is used and accommodated internationally. The future perfect blog... a collection of insights, thoughts and snapshots from those trips.


Lesser Spotted Cards

I came across this range of greeting cards in Paperchase: all the signs are real places and located on a map of England on the reverse. I sent my Dad "crackpot: 3/4 mile" for Father's Day. The photographer is Dominic Greyer.


All the Time in the World

An Electroluminescent Art Wall for British Airways Heathrow Terminal 5
Troika was commissioned by Artwise Curators to create 'All the Time in the World'; a 22m long electroluminescent wall that marks the entrance to the First and Concorde Galleries lounges in the new Heathrow Terminal 5.

It's Bauhaus Bicycle!

I'm looking for a bike right now and this takes my fancy. Might just park it outside the Ritzy Cinema on a friday night..www.baubike.dk Via Ceilidh. .

Studio Verbarius

Their website looks like a default 'fake' site, but swallowing the doubts, there are some nifty bits of design here. Let me know if this is a spoof!

Post-it Action