Katy Scott - Travelogues

"Her idea was to allow the natural landscape, the weather, and the movement of tide to determine the path to take, and along the way, she took a diary recording what she saw, drew maps and also collected small items washed up along the banks. Katy also produced a 'zine with a synopsis of the the story to which she attached a walk 'souvenir'." Via MeDesignMag
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The xx

The xx "Basic Space" from Jean Hürxkens on Vimeo.

The xx

Le Cool – London

Debbie Godsell

These are multi-pannelled prints by Cork-based artist Debbie Godsell. I love how she manages to take the kitschy elements of Irish souvenirs and tourist symbols and somehow makes them tasteful (to me at any rate). She says of them: "They represent an idyllic, romantic and unreal Ireland where shamrocks, rainbows, and milkmaids replace politics, finance and endless rain. This is a place where the sun always shines in summertime."