Halloween – New England

Spider webs
Sedate selection

Back garden extravagnaza, Salem

Actual original "witches" house in Salem town. 

 Cosmetic's Store adds glitz

For sure


Same Room – Oh So Different Room

New York Times Interactive piece here. Fascinating how people live so differently with the same starting point. Photography by Corine Vermeulen
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Sunflowers a No-Go

Oops. Too much fun was being had by visitors to the Ai Wei Wei exhibition. (See entry below). The dust was deemed unhealthy. When I was there, people were really gouging into the 100million seeds.  Pity though. It's off limits now. So much for interactive art for the masses.
Guardian article here.


Ai Wei Wei - Sunflower

"I always think art is a tool to set up new questions"
'Sunflowers' officially opens today in the turbine hall, Tate Modern. I loved the simplicity. You can just hang out on the millions of porcelain hand-made sunflower seeds, make angels, play with the seeds, watch the world go by... The documentary is worth seeing - Chinese production in a small traditional town with long heritage of hand crafted ceramics. Sunflowers are symbols of the chinese during the Cultural Revolution, Mao was the sun.

Article on ME magazine


Julie Gough – Time and Space and Memory

At the moment she's in Ireland researching her roots and no doubt making something... Here are some images from Tasmania