Cork Culture Night 2010

The whole city threw open its doors. Artists' studios, churches, archives, city hall, galleries, even the synagogue. I guess it was Ireland's version of the White Night, but not for the whole night. So I took myself and my push bike across one side of town and dropped into a few places.
Festivities on the River Lee to kick off Culture Night
Billy Foley explains his paintings, in The Cork Artist's Collective

Figuring out Julie Gough's work in The National Sculpture Factory

Sean McCarty (Sculptor), Happy Man, Miriam (my art teacher from back in the day) and Eilís O'Connell (Sculptor)

Rory Tangney's work in progress sketches in The Golden Section Studios

Helena O'Donnell's space in The Golden Section Studio

Trad session in Sin É.


USA - Ways of Getting Around

Hang on: did you see Rodin's Thinker tucked away behind the jews? What's he doing??


New England Houses

It's been pretty quiet on this blog lately. No doubt about it. I've been Stateside catching up with family. So in that spirit of homes from home, here are a few little New England houses.