David Bowen - Drawing growth

This guy is the best one in the life-drawing class! He's made a machine that consists of a plant, a scanning device and an inkjet printer, all mounted onto a long paper sheet on a wall. Every day, the machine 'sees' the plant and prints out the silhoette, then moves four inches along, awaiting the next day's growth. Can I adopt a little kitten and attach it to the device??? Watch the movie here. via infothestics.


Rainbows and Moonbows

This illuminating capture is from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. Just as rainbows are lit by the sun, moonbows are lit by the moon...


David Klein Travel Posters

David Klein's TWA travel posters are classics. The New York one can be found in MOMA. Check out the full site of his work >
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Vincent Fournier

"The work of Vincent Fournier is offering a journey in some 20th century utopianism. Fro the global village (Tour Operator), to the space oddyssey (Space Project) and more recently to the underworld project, his photos are allegories and criticism for our dream of a science fiction utopia". I find these images exciting; the space and breadth, quality of composure, light nad hyper real-fantasy seem to spark something off... and reading the rationale, I come to see that the vision of perfection of tourism and space exploration is strangely closely entwined. Other worlds and dreams of new territories mash themselves up between future and past, retro fictions of space. website>


Campaign for local food

It's a common trend to campaign for local food produce. Eat British is pretty ubiquitous. The recent Blood, Sweat and Takeaways on BBC shed a different light, one where the value of our imports to low-cost producers in countries like Thailand and Indonesia is all too real. It's a topic far more complex than jingoistic slogans may appear to present. This video from Crush is such an example, but done convincingly. For me, the endorsement by Unilever and Hellmann's packs a sharp needly punch right at the end.

Hellmann’s - It’s Time for Real from CRUSH on Vimeo.