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Getting with the Web Type

Researching pleasing and beautiful web design with a fingertip close to the technical necessities leads one nto the classic alice-in-wonderland spiral of muchness. Without details, I'd like to share with you some rather jolly lovely places. Those of you out there versed in web-stuff will be rolling your eyes: "DUH! We KNOW all of these!" *I shrug*

First is the personal hub of Mr. Simon Collison, A.K.A 'Colly' who is undoubtedly a web-celebrity. He showcases Times New Roman lovingly.

Which brings us to 'The Elements of Typographic Style applied to the Web' a fabulous learning resource of detail for text styling in CSS2 and CSS3, by Richard Rutter elaborating the book by Bringhurst.

The Ministry of Type from Aegir Hallmundur which shows a broad but geekishly gorgeous set of porn-spirations. Old school but within a perfectly measured template.

Lastly, I bow to the HTML5 splendour of Magazin5 on Design Made in Germany. You can smoothly scroll the transparencies on your fancy-pants iPad but then be surprised at the quality content, such as an interview with Antonio Carusone, maker of the really very helpful champion of harmony The Grid System.


Discovery Science Festival 2010, Cork

It was a pleasure to help out with the Discovery 2010 Science Exhibition at City Hall, Cork for a few days. (2008 Video) The energy and enthusiasm was amazing. I met serial volunteers, community wardens for the council, pharmachemical researchers, sciences educators, software and mechanical engineers and researchers around Cork and Ireland, et al. I also met bundles of children who were trying out all the gadgets, devices, slime-making schemes, liquid nitrogen ice-cream, molecule-building, force-field twiddling, sound-wave crashing, sensor-music-playing, energy-bulb-generating, robot toy and circuit-board constructing... The future's bright I'm sure, despite this week's economic calamities. Up in Dublin, The Global Forum is wrapping up. - Twitter @CorkDiscovery

Volunteer Dáithí stands in front of BuckministerFullerene Molecule

Irish Army's Impact Protection suit for bomb disposal

Techniquest's interactive demo of energy consumption differences

'Relax'... Let your Alpha and Theta waves moves the ball!

Sound wave Canon

'Make It Molecular' provided many large sculptural pieces

'How will you change the world?'

Make your own circuit, no soldering hassles.


Lead Pencil Studio – Empty Billboard

This is so beautiful on every level: crafted, smart, mysterious and monumental. Lying on the US-Canadian border, this is high-art publicly funded(!?) Lead Pencil's Daniel Mihalyo explains:
Borrowing the effectiveness of billboards to redirect attention away from the landscape... this permanently open aperture between nations works to frame nothing more than a clear view of the changing atmospheric conditions beyond.
Via Suzanna Labarre at Co. Design


Halloween – New England

Spider webs
Sedate selection

Back garden extravagnaza, Salem

Actual original "witches" house in Salem town. 

 Cosmetic's Store adds glitz

For sure


Same Room – Oh So Different Room

New York Times Interactive piece here. Fascinating how people live so differently with the same starting point. Photography by Corine Vermeulen
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Sunflowers a No-Go

Oops. Too much fun was being had by visitors to the Ai Wei Wei exhibition. (See entry below). The dust was deemed unhealthy. When I was there, people were really gouging into the 100million seeds.  Pity though. It's off limits now. So much for interactive art for the masses.
Guardian article here.


Ai Wei Wei - Sunflower

"I always think art is a tool to set up new questions"
'Sunflowers' officially opens today in the turbine hall, Tate Modern. I loved the simplicity. You can just hang out on the millions of porcelain hand-made sunflower seeds, make angels, play with the seeds, watch the world go by... The documentary is worth seeing - Chinese production in a small traditional town with long heritage of hand crafted ceramics. Sunflowers are symbols of the chinese during the Cultural Revolution, Mao was the sun.

Article on ME magazine


Julie Gough – Time and Space and Memory

At the moment she's in Ireland researching her roots and no doubt making something... Here are some images from Tasmania


Cork Culture Night 2010

The whole city threw open its doors. Artists' studios, churches, archives, city hall, galleries, even the synagogue. I guess it was Ireland's version of the White Night, but not for the whole night. So I took myself and my push bike across one side of town and dropped into a few places.
Festivities on the River Lee to kick off Culture Night
Billy Foley explains his paintings, in The Cork Artist's Collective

Figuring out Julie Gough's work in The National Sculpture Factory

Sean McCarty (Sculptor), Happy Man, Miriam (my art teacher from back in the day) and Eilís O'Connell (Sculptor)

Rory Tangney's work in progress sketches in The Golden Section Studios

Helena O'Donnell's space in The Golden Section Studio

Trad session in Sin É.


USA - Ways of Getting Around

Hang on: did you see Rodin's Thinker tucked away behind the jews? What's he doing??


New England Houses

It's been pretty quiet on this blog lately. No doubt about it. I've been Stateside catching up with family. So in that spirit of homes from home, here are a few little New England houses.