Meditation Doodles

While on retreat in Lerab Ling this summer, I took notes on meditation. Just some doodley images that came to mind during the teachings. I won't attempt to explain, as that's too much for here. Check out what meditation reallyis.com if you're interested.
Note: 'Shamatha' means 'calm-abiding'... which Sogyal Rinpoche mentioned at one point as being `a balance between spaciousness and watchful awareness'.


Tripping in Surreality – 'Art Lit Feed' on tumblr

Bouncing round the Indie Art Lit Feed and grazing on hippy tripped out universes. And then the whole tumblr rabbit-hole for that matter. These images are from there but originally: 
Chrissy Angliker (via booooooom)
Unknown (via whitemoonstone)
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