Lonely and The Moose: Co-creation of a limited edition CD package

Well I heard Lonely and The Moose at one of their 'Beatroot' sessions and just thought they rocked. We started chatting over–yes–roasted beatroot another day. Tessa and Liz had an idea for their dream CD which would be a precious box holding a bunch of their transatlantic letters to each other. I really liked that and thought of a plan to make a mini-box package as a limited edition run. It would be cheap and cheerful, full of photos, lyrics, memories and teasers for the long run CD. We would all make it together in a 'production frenzy' on the grounds of the stunning Glebe Gardens where Tessa cooks. I think a bonus is that it's flat-packable too: so the girls took a bunch over to the States and assembled them on the road. IKEA-packaging.
Lonely and the Moose
Glebe Gardens and Cafe

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