Hand crafted Wine Menu for Glebe Gardens

Glebe Gardens Wine Bar, BaltimoreGlebe Gardens Café and Restaurant is a fabulous place, with organic food from the garden coming straight into the kitchen every day for lunch and dinner. Its also the best cafe in Ireland. Officially. On the 9th of June, they opened a wine bar in the shop. I had a cheesegasm when the Cashel Sheep's cheese, their smashed broad bean pesto and the Valpolicella had a party in my mouth. 

Anyhows, it was a pleasure to hand-make their wine menus for the night. I wanted arriving customers to get a hint of the care and thought that goes into everything at the Glebe. We kept it simple, with the swallow symbol taking a humble but proud place on the cover. Inside pages are A4 folded vertically ( no cutting!) on cream papers encased by black card and wrapped up in a folded A3 cover page (again, no cutting). Red cotton thread secures the cover to the booklet and conceals the staples. Its a warm hello to a wonderful hang out. Roll on the summer evenings. 

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